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BOOMING is shareware.

Please pay JPY3240 and register to enjoy all features.

BOOMING's free trial period is limited to the following:
•Play can not continue past 8 years.
•Network play is not possible.
•Advertising is turned on.

Pay Special Attention
One paid registration will allow BOOMING to be installed on multiple computers.
Download the latest BOOMING version from the official BOOMING site.
Protect your registration number and do not give it to anyone else.
BOOMING's author assumes no liability for any damages incurred while using this software.
English and Japanese versions require separate registration and payment.

Payment / Registration
1. Press the "Pay Now" button below.

2. Payment through PayPal.
* Shipping address is required for registration and user verification purposes but nothing will be mailed to you.

3. After confirming PayPal payment your registration number will be e-mailed to you.

If you do not receive your registration number within 48 hours after payment please contacu us.

* Your PayPal e-mail will be your BOOMING registration e-mail address.

Protect your unique registration number and keep it safe.

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