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FAQ for both "BOOMING" players and data editors (soon to be released).

Contact us for any questions.

BOOMINGCompany Management Game "BOOMING"
Question Why are payments received for city projects lower then expected?

Answer Payment sums are calculated minus construction costs so you only see the net profit.

Question Salaries are set higher then other companies but employee loyalty remains low.

Answer As company performance increases salary must also adjust accordingly.
If company profits surge while salaries only marginally rise employees will not be happy.

Question My director advises building reinforcements but I do not know what buildings require this.

Answer Clicking on the message "I encourage reinforcing the..." will show dilapidated buildings to blink on the map.

BOOMING Data EditorBOOMING Data Editor (soon to be released)
Question I can not open the data editor.
Error message "Can not open BOOMING.Pal".

Answer Opening the BOOMING data editor requires the file "booming.pal" to remain in the same installation folder as BOOMING.

Please do one of the following:

Move the BOOMING data editor file "b_editor.exe" to the original BOOMING folder created upon installation.

Copy and paste the "booming.pal" file into the same install folder as the BOOMING data editor file "b_editor.exe".

Question I want the Topography/Building "*.HBS" data file.

Answer Use the map data file "*.HBM" to make a Topography/Building "*.HBS" data file.

Open the map data file in the BOOMING data editor.
Save it as either one of the following files.

"Topography/Building" → "Save Topography Data"
"Topography/Building" → "Save Building Data"

Open the created file in map data.

How to edit the "Building" data file.

1. Open BOOMING data editor.

2. Menu - "File" - "Open" to open window.

3. Select the file type "BOOMING Map Data File(*.HBM)".

4. Open "Original.hbm".

5. Menu - "Topography/Building" - "Save Building Data" to create a "Building Data File".

6. Menu - "File" - "Open" to open window.

7. Select the file type "BOOMING Topography/Building Data File(*.HBS)".

8. Open the saved Building Data File from step 5.

9. Edit building data.

10. Save Building Data file under the same name or make a new file name.

11. Display map data menu - "Topography/Building" - "Open Building Data" open saved building data file from step 10.

12. Reset the bridge settings if things have changed.

13. Save map data file under the same name or make a new file name.

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